Pillsbury Safe to Eat Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Safe to Eat Raw

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie Dough products are now safe to eat raw.

It's the same cookie dough you've always loved, but now we have refined our process and ingredients so it's safe to eat the dough before baking. The dough will still bake up the same as our classic cookie dough. So now you can enjoy our cookie dough products before and after baking!

Look for this Safe to Eat Raw seal on your grocery shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes Pillsbury's cookie dough safe to eat raw?
By enhancing our processes and by using heat treated flour and pasteurized eggs you can now safely enjoy our cookie dough baked or raw.
Are all Pillsbury products ready to eat raw?
No, only specially marked Pillsbury TM refrigerated cookie dough products are ready to bake or eat raw. Look for our "safe to eat raw" seal to find the products that are safe to eat raw and always follow the manufacturer's preparation instructions on the back of pack.
Can Pillsbury's ready-to-eat cookie dough still be baked?
Yes! Pillsbury cookies still deliver the same great baking performance - and taste - our fans expect
Which varieties of Pillsbury cookie dough are safe to eat raw?
We are in the process of transitioning all flavours of our refrigerated cookie dough to "safe to eat raw." Look for our "safe to eat raw" seal to determine product eligibility and always follow manufacturer's instructions. All Pillsbury cookie dough products will be transitioned by the end of 2020.
Do your cookies taste different now?
Nope! Our recipes have not changed so our cookies have the same delicious taste you love, now with the added benefit of being safe to eat raw.
Can I still use your cookie dough in my favourite recipes?
Yes! Your favourite recipes haven't changed a bit. You can continue using our cookie dough, with no changes to baking instructions, performance or taste. Visit LifeMadeDelicious.ca for the latest recipes using your favourite products.
I purchased ready-to-bake cookie dough by a brand other than Pillsbury. Is it safe to eat raw, too?
Always follow manufacturer's instructions. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.
Does your product contain eggs?
Yes. We use pasteurized eggs for safety. Pasteruization is a process of heating eggs to kill harmful bacteria and thus making them safe to eat raw.
What's the difference between your product and other "edible cookie dough" products out there?
Most "edible cookie dough" products are formulated exclusively for snacking and cannot be baked. But we don't think you should have to choose between enjoying the taste of raw cookie dough and the taste for fresh-baked cookies. Our product is unique because it's a single product that can be enjoyed both ways (raw and baked).
What makes the products ready to eat raw now, if the ingredients haven't changed?
By enhancing our manufacturing processes and increasing ingredient standards of our heat-treated flour, you can now safely enjoy our famous cookie dough raw or baked.
Are there food safety risks when eating ready to eat Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough products raw?
No, we have produced a cookie dough that is safe and ready to eat raw.
I liked to eat cookie dough raw because of the taste. Do the raw ready-to-eat products taste the same as before?
Our cookie dough tastes the same despite this new benefit.
When will all Pillsbury cookies be ready-to-eat?
Look for our "safe to eat raw" seal and always follow manufacturer's instructions when consuming cookie dough. The full line of Pillsbury cookies will be ready to eat by the end of 2020.
How much raw cookie dough is safe to eat?
Please follow serving recommendations when consuming cookie dough baked or raw.
Are Pillsbury ready-to-eat cookie dough products gluten-free?
No. Always check the ingredients and allergen statements on food packages to verify if they are gluten-free.